by Anna Mae


23 Mar 2016

palmers, mizani, design essentials
Edge control face off
Ever since I went natural a few years ago, I've always battled with trying to control my edges. It was so much easier to achieve a slick updo or bun when I was relaxed and I don't think I thought twice about laying my edges. Fast forward to wearing puffs/braid outs/twist outs and my edges just wouldn't co-operate. I think I've tried every edge control gel ever released lol *slight exaggeration* but I have tried many!

Through all this trial and horror, the best edge control in my opinion is...


11 Mar 2016

It doesn't matter how many times I tell myself to stop buying lip products - I still end up buying them *insert upside down smiley here* looool!!!  I couldn't pass on this range though! Colourpop unfortunately do not ship to UK so when my bestie's mum went to the States, my bestie took full advantage and asked me what shades I wanted to buy. Check out what shades I chose!