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25 Aug 2014

I love anything BEAUTY!!! I'm always reading blogs, watching Youtube, browsing Instagram. Its a way to determine if I should bother spending my money on a product.

I love Lush products but for some reason have only ever purchased skincare items - I'd never thought about using their products for my hair. Last week a few beauty bloggers bombarded my Instagram timeline with pictures of Lush products... for their hair! I read their opinions but I wasn't swayed. 

I was shopping in Bluewater and decided to go into the Lush store, ended up chatting to the most helpful assistant. (I love Lush employees - they definitely do their research) I'm rambling on but I left with these products (seen below). I've already tried the hair treatment and oh em gee... I honestly don't know what I'm going to do when it finishes *sheds tear*. I'll review all the products together when I've tried the other two.

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