Project R - Revamp

4 Aug 2014

Hoarding unnecessary items tends to make your room, home, office look more cluttered and untidy.
I never used to be a hoarder. I've found that since living on my own I've held on to a lot of things.

I haven't really been happy with the way my room has looked the past couple months, it doesn't matter how often I tidy up, it still looks messy. I've been getting rid of unworn clothes, shoes, makeup in order to clear some space - check out my depop store here.

When I first moved in to my flat I really wanted to follow the 'all white' theme and I still very much love all white but with the amount of things I've hoarded and general clutter  - the theme of my room has been lost in translation. 

I'm focusing more on storage, (since I already have a bed, dressing table, chest of drawers) I want my room to look clean and spacious - I'm hoping I can achieve the desired look. Until I can reveal my new decluttered minimalist bedroom - here are some pictures I'm using for inspiration.

Disclaimer: These pictures are not my own

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