Wash day

7 Aug 2014

I have received a few questions about my hair and products I use. I thought it might be helpful to show you what I do to my hair on a typical wash day.

* Usually working with an old Bantu knot or dirty hair usually from wearing a protective style (braids are my favourite protective style).

Open your eyes Anna Mae
  • Split hair in 4 sections. Work with one section at a time. Spritz water making hair slightly damp and finger detangle.
  • Once section is detangled, take a generous amount of coconut oil, apply to the section and twist. 
  • Repeat on other sections until hair has been completely detangled. At this point, you should have 4-8 twisted sections. (I can split one section into two if my hair is really dry, so I can concentrate on detangling properly)

  • Mix deep conditioner and apply to hair (I unravel each twist, apply the conditioner and then twist it back up). Put on plastic cap and leave on hair for desired time.

The amount of time the deep conditioner is on your hair is totally up to you. I love how soft my hair feels after deep conditioning so I can leave it in 30 mins, an hour, overnight etc. *Since I own a hair steamer (finally) I just sit under it and leave the conditioner on for 10-20 minutes)*
N.b. I deep condition before I wash my hair because my hair can be very dry as I've said before and prone to single strand knots. Do what is best for your hair, but I prefer for my hair to be tangle free before I shampoo, this means less time detangling so I can concentrate on making sure my hair is clean :)

  • Wash hair in sections (again this is personal preference. I find when I shampoo my hair without sectioning it - it takes longer and some parts of my hair doesn't get washed properly) 
  • Apply leave in conditioner and style as desired

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