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5 Sep 2014

Within the space of 2 days I had overloaded (is that a word) myself with chicken. This is usually not a problem, however, I haven't really been much of  a chicken lover recently. I blame Nandos and my lazy cooking skills - I had chicken Caesar salad every day for a week. Overkill.


I'd been to Tramshed once before for date night. However, this time it was more of a general chinwag/catch up with one of my friends who was in town from Dubai. I've only eaten the chicken both times I've been but the bf likes their steak. Despite the quirky, unique names they've given their cocktails - you wont be disappointed they really do pack a punch.
You will always leave here stuffed - its a cool chilled place to meet with friends/family etc and eat! Check out the site here.


I can't say I'm the biggest fan of chicken and waffles. The first time I ate it was in New York and I disliked it so much I ordered a burger right after tasting it. Needless to say, I haven't been eager to try it again. The way people rave about this dish made me think maybe just maybe my taste buds weren't working... I needed to give it another chance!

It was better than my initial memory but I still don't see how it can be a persons favourite dish. I love the layout of this restaurant - its welcoming and if you just want to catch a quick bite I would recommend. There are many other dishes on offer, not just the chicken and waffles - click the link and have a quick browse.

Both eateries are located in Shoreditch.

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