19 Sep 2014

In my previous post I showed you the goodies I purchased from Lush. The lovely sales assistant took her time to find out what I was looking for and my hair needs - which led to purchasing these products. She also recommended the shampoo but I wasn't so sure how my hair would react so she gave me small samples.


These tubes are small - I had four small tubs in total. I didn't want to use them all up so I could give an honest review. I like the shampoo but its texture in my hair can be problematic. The shampoo is like the texture of sea salt (its not smooth) but once water is added and rubbed in hands, the little particles dissolve. I like the fact that my hair felt clean and soft after shampooing but the hassle of dissolving the shampoo was too much for me. I have very thick hair and trying to wash it alone is tedious.  If you're looking for a shampoo that doesn't make you hair feel dry and crunchy - I'd say pop down to Lush and ask for a sample and see how you like it. I feel like if my hair wasn't as thick I would love this shampoo.
Purchase here. £11.95


I absolutely LOVEEEEEE this moisturiser. OMG!!! My hair loves moisturisers of this consistency - its creamy but not oily. My hair feels moisturised and soft but not heavy. Some people complain about the smell but I like it, the smell does not bother me at all. What does bother me is the price... Its expensive. For 100g of product - this tub of awesomeness costs £11.25 - the bigger tub costs just under £20. Now, as much as I love it and its moisturising, I cannot justify spending £11.25 on such a small tub. I think I could reap the same benefits from a shea butter/olive oil mix (I'm going to try to make this soon). Its a shame it is a pricey product as I can imagine this becoming one of my holy grails. 
Purchase here. 100g/£11.25 - 225g/£19.95

This hair treatment... *sighs*. I'm just going to be honest - if this was half the price it would definitely be a must have. Some may not consider it pricey - but I only got 2 uses out of it so  that works out to £4.75 every time I deep condition - err nah! Its sold in a bigger tub (225g) so it can last longer than the R&B moisturiser but as I've said before I have a lot of hair and its VERY thick, so it doesn't last as long as I would like. However, I used this treatment on dry, tangled, just down right difficult hair and it just made my hair 100 times better. I'm prone to single strand knots and its like they just slid out when the treatment was applied. My hair was left extremely soft and I was just amazed at how well this product worked. All you have to do is apply it to your hair and leave it on for 20 minutes. Yes - it works wonders on my thick hair but unfortunately I don't think its worth the price - I think I've found a cheaper alternative but I'll keep you posted on that.
Purchase here. £9.50

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