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3 Sep 2014


Every 'beauty blogger/vlogger/makeup enthusiast will tell you that the search for the perfect foundation never ends. I found what could be my absolute favourite foundation but I do still look for ones that could top my fave. Check out my list with reviews on each foundations' performance!

In no particular order - 

bareMinerals original spf15 foundation
I bought this at a time when my skin was freaking out. My acne was insane and yes I know you're not supposed to wear foundation on problematic skin but I had to... This foundation makes your skin look flawless even if it isn't. It was my holy grail foundation at one point but the flawless face brush is a pain to work with. It sheds like no other and it can make you look cakey if too much is used. It's hard to tell when too much has been applied until it's too late because it's a mineral powder and quite light in consistency you tend to just apply, re-apply, touch up... D'oh there goes the cake face again.

I'd give it 7/10. The pros outweigh the cons. Suitable for those that want a fresh faced look without the heavy foundation. Can be compared to the finish of bb creams just in powder formula.

L'oreal true match foundation
My bestie told me about this foundation and I'm always willing to try new makeup. She bought me two shades in cool and warm. The cool shade fit me perfectly when I got back from Dubai - it might have even been a little lighter but the only foundation that didn't look silly on my darker well tanned skin. As the tan faded - I moved to the warm shade. The consistency reminds me of Revlon colorstay. It's a breathable foundation - a little goes a long way. This foundation would actually be a contender for the top spot but the colour match is a little off. My tan has faded completely and even though I know I can use the warm range it's highly yellow. It matches in person but when pictures are taken it's another story.

6/10. Affordable, long lasting, medium coverage. 

Mac face and body foundation
Well hello there Mac, didn't think you'd make it into the top 5 foundations but here you are. Like any other girl starting out with makeup I went to Mac (that's all I knew) and bought studio fix fluid. It wasn't the best experience. I was colour matched incorrectly - walked around like Casper the ghost for a few days until my dad said "what the heck is going on"... Moved on to the studio fix powder, better colour match but boi did it affect my skin. I'd wear this to work and by about 4/5pm my face would be burning. Literally burning like a stinging sensation. I'd always get home and instantly wash my face. Needless to say I stayed clear of mac foundations, love their lipsticks but foundations was a no from me Simon. Lol. Don't know why I tried this out, don't know why I was in the foundation section but this foundation right here... Yaaaaas! It's unfortunate that the shade range is not extensive. I use the darkest shade N9 and it's not really my shade but I make it work. I either build it up and highlight or I'll wear it under the bare minerals powder for that 'I woke up like this' flawless look.

7/10. Build able. Lightweight. Breathable. You do not feel like you're wearing makeup with this one. 

Mary Kay timewise matte wear liquid foundation 
I swear when I tried this I nearly cried. It was awesome. I couldn't believe I'd been missing out on this beautiful faithful product all this time - but too much of a good thing is no longer good. I don't know what happened but I just felt like my face started looking a bit dull. It could be because I was wearing the foundation any chance I could get but it stopped being a favourite. I haven't used it in a while so maybe I'll bring it out just to remember why I fell in love with it in the first place.

7/10. Matte finish. Lightweight. Breathable. A little product goes a long way.

Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24h foundation
The day I asked for samples of this foundation was the best beauty decision I've ever made. Honestly, THE BEST foundation I have ever used and until another foundation comes along that rivals this one - it will continue to be the best foundation I own. It gives a flawless finish but also doesn't make you look too 'done up'. I could use this foundation on a daily basis and special occasions. Its medium coverage but not heavy. It is scented but doesn't bother me at all. It has a pump and I only would use 1-2 pumps for my face. It also lasts for a long time - the only con is the bottle makes it hard to tell when its about to finish. The selling point is that I could wear this foundation all day and not look like an oil slick - I was always surprised when I would get home from a long day and there would only be minimal shine. The packaging states 'wear and comfort, retouch free, divine perfection' and I totally agree. 
9/10. Flawless finish. Breathable. Lightweight. Long lasting.

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