TRAVEL | Barcelona - Day Two

1 Sep 2014

But first - lets take a selfie! Or 'usie' rather


We know about double decker buses - have you ever seen a double decker train!


 We went to a town called Sitges. I love this town. I came before with my boyfriend and I just fell in love with it. It reminds me of Brighton but with a sandy beach and much nicer weather. We literally spent the whole day here - it was so hot but we didn't complain - it was such a lovely day. I know I'll definitely go back someday - such a peaceful yet vibrant town. We stopped off at a bar and grill - ate the nicest wings and the blueberry cheesecake *sighs* I had started eating then thought I really just need to take a picture.

 We returned to our hotel quite late but Barcelona doesn't sleep - so again we freshened up and went out for a late night stroll. Stumbled upon Diagonal Mar centre and got some frozen yoghurt. Took the escalators to the very top and walked along the circular outdoor rooftop. The view was amazing. Its a shame I didn't take my camera and my iphone pics really didn't show the scenery in all its glory. Hopefully next time I go I can capture a decent picture!

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