29 Oct 2014


I haven't purchased any MAC lipsticks in a while - I put myself on a MAC spending ban. Trust me, its necessary. I have over 20 lipsticks and I really don't know how I accumulated so many but I had to stop buying. A way around actually forking over money is via Back 2 Mac - where you give back 6 empty containers and get a lipstick in return. I took back 12 containers and in return, I requested Styled in Sepia and Lady Danger.
I LOVE, like absolutely love Styled in Sepia. Its a brown toned nude, the best nude I own in my opinion. Revlon 'Mink' came close in terms of how easy it is to apply and wear but Styled in Sepia packs a bit more punch. I've been wearing it every day, its nice to wear at work but can still be worn for an evening out - its versatile.
I'm not so keen on Lady Danger - I have to play around with it. I thought it was a good idea at the time but when I got home I realised it is quite similar to MAC So Chaud. I prefer So Chaud, something about Lady Danger is so garish to me - I think its too red. I'll still have a go at it, I might just need to pair it with a deep plum lipliner to make it more wearable.
I also didn't pay for Smoked Purple - *yaay for me* it was a bday present from my lovely friend Lavinia (thanks gurrrllll)... well an unplanned bday gift as I received 2 of the same gifts from lovely friends I was lucky enough to exchange what I hadn't used. Enough of the back story, Smoked Purple is a shade I do not own funnily enough. I've tried so much to find this shade - I have MACs Cyber, Fixed on Drama and Rihanna's Talk that Talk but it wasn't quite right, either too brown or way too dark. It seems like my search is finally over with this one. As part of my bday gift, I also picked up the eyeshadow in Ricepaper (sorry I forgot to swatch it) - its a nice light golden shade I'm going to try and use to highlight whenever I eventually get the hang of applying eyeshadow. I know - late 20s and I cant apply eyeshadow to save my life. We all start somewhere I guess.
Let me know your recent makeup purchases - I'm always inspired!

Style in Sepia, Lady Danger, Smoked Purple

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