29 Oct 2014

I believe I have a 4b/c 'curl' pattern - for those of you that don't know about hair typing - click here. My hair is extremely dry, my scalp can be dry and flaky, its just not the easiest type of hair to handle. This curl pattern is more prone to single strand knots and tangles than other types, due to its tight curls which explains why it constantly feels dry. I have been looking at ways to treat my hair to alleviate this dryness and decided to try the bentonite clay treatment.

Basically add bentonite clay to a bowl (comes in powdered form) see previous post here - I really didn't measure the amount of powder I used, I would advise starting with a small amount and building it up that way you wont waste product. Add a few drops of apple cider vinegar - don't be alarmed if the clay starts fizzing, it is just reacting with the vinegar - perfectly safe to apply on your hair. I literally kept adding clay and apple cider vinegar until I felt like I had enough to properly saturate my hair. You should end up with a thick smooth consistency - apply to hair. I did apply in sections just to make sure every strand was coated. I cannot remember how long I left the treatment on for as I completed some chores whilst it was in my hair - I'd estimate 30-40 minutes.

N.B. Please do not use metal utensils to make this mixture.

I do have heat damage in the front of my hair - I'm trimming it down every month

I still had some product left so I applied it to my face - bentonite clay has many uses.

The treatment left my hair extremely soft. I was surprised because it seemed to define the curls but elongate them at the same time. After washing my hair I usually see an incredible amount of shrinkage, (of course I still had shrinkage) but I actually had some length. I've never considered doing a wash and go style before but if I was able to maintain the length and curl definition this treatment gave, I would definitely reconsider.
Bentonite clay can be purchased at health food stores, amazon, ebay, sheabutter cottage... Google and I'm sure quite a few links will come up. I purchased apple cider vinegar from my local health food store.

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