30 Oct 2014


I was looking for another foundation to purchase - even though I do believe I have a favourite. Check my top 5 foundations in a previous post here. I will still repurchase my fave foundation because nothing has come quite close. I do however like this foundation because it is quite similar. I'm even using the same shade '13' - this foundation is more light-medium coverage which I do appreciate but sometimes especially on days where my skin looks blah - I want fuller coverage. I'm still testing it out though - a lovely make up artist in Harrods helped match my colour and also gave me some samples. I can do a review of the fluid sheer and their primer if requested.

I really believe service makes all the difference when purchasing something - I've been to a very popular makeup brand store (different locations) and sometimes feel like I'm bothering the employees which leads to me to either purchasing online or not purchasing at all. This makeup artist took her time with myself and Remmy, was really pleasant, definitely dedicated to her craft and wasn't just trying to make commission. I don't know if this was because it was in Harrods or the Giorgio Armani branding but they've definitely done their research when it comes to customer service.

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