13 Nov 2014

primer, kiko, mat base corrector

Oily face? Makeup never lasts? If you're anything like me, you know the stress that comes with an oily face. I have tried everything - milk of magnesia (don't knock it 'til you've tried it), various primers, not using a primer, baby powder... literally everything to stop my face looking shiny and makeup sliding off. I think I've found an inexpensive primer that works...

I saw an Instagram post detailing how good the primer was quite a while ago but after watching a Youtube review,  I decided not to purchase. I continued using whatever primer I had but would still get oily an hour or 2 after applying makeup. I was shopping in Westfield Stratford and thought to pop in to the Kiko store, I'm happy I did as they were having a discount sale off most products. I decided to purchase and paid just under £7 - no harm in trying it out I thought!

Well, let me say if you really do have oily skin, maybe even an oily t-zone - this primer will work for you. A little goes a long way with this product, do not be tempted to plaster it over your face. It's a weird consistency (most primers I've used are like a creamy liquid texture), whereas this primer is more like a soft wax. When I use this primer, I do not get oily for a long time and that is saying something for me. I still carry blot paper around because lets face it there is no way to eradicate oil permanently, but this primer does a good job at controlling it. I definitely recommend!

Can be purchased in store (click the link to view various locations) or online

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