16 Dec 2014

Lets be honest - cleaning makeup brushes is a tedious task. No one wants to do it but its something that has to be done. Can I be honest? I don't wash my brushes every week - sue me! Its boring and sometimes I'd rather just be doing something else.

Recently I've been trying out alternatives that can 'sort me out' until I get round to washing my brushes - I love how easy and quick it is to 'clean' brushes with a brush cleaner spray.

E.L.F. Daily brush cleaner - I honestly don't know who would have time to use this daily. Its not great at cleaning anything - I find that I have to use a lot and it doesn't clean the brushes as well as I would like. I've had this bottle for a year or so and it looks like a brand new bottle. I felt like I might not have given this a fair test when I first used it so I carried out another test - this time on an eye brush I'd only used once. It still didn't clean it as well as I'd hoped. If you do want to try this - I would advise purchasing a small bottle first - click here to purchase.

Parian spirit - I purchased this at IMATS and part of me felt like I'd wasted money buying it. I mean the brush cant ever get as clean as when I physically clean it myself so what was the point. One day I remember feeling so lazy and whipped out the bottle. This brush cleaner is no joke and it has a lemon kind of scent which really makes you feel like its doing something extra (even if its not). It gets the brushes really clean - I used a big powder brush caked in foundation to test this one out and omg seriously don't know what they put in this but I'm happy I purchased it. I've limited myself to using it only when necessary just because I don't want it to run out on me. It can be purchased from Guru Makeup Emporium - (price varies for different bottles) .

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  1. Hey! :) I always use Johnson's baby shampoo! It's inexpensive and doesn't leave a residue.

  2. Lol @ "it's no great at cleaning anything"! I find that using the dive bar soap of baby shampoo is what has worked well for me but as you said it is bloody tedious and time consuming.