16 Dec 2014

mac quad palette eyeshadow lipstick
I celebrated my 28th birthday with close friends - nothing too exasperating, I'll save that for my 30th. I have banned myself from purchasing makeup but as I said in a previous post, there are ways around that. I utilised the 'back 2 mac' program before but on this occasion I requested certain items (seen on my birthday wish list).

lipstick honeylove matte

swatch lipstick mac cosmetics
I filled up both palettes (please excuse the condition of the shadows - took a few tries to depot them successfully) with shadows I purchased a few months back. The palette on the left is my go to neutral, I absolutely love it, top 2 colours are Embark and Carbon, bottom is saddle and I added a highlight shadow called Ricepaper. I use this palette for my eyebrows, contouring and if I want a neutral eye look - very versatile. The 2nd palette I haven't used as much but the shadows are perfect for a smoky eye night time look.

Next up -  the most coveted lipstick I own (most coveted until something else catches my eye). Oh how I searched high and low for this shade. Every time I went into a store it was sold out. Its quite annoying though now that I own it - its always in stock. Anywhoooo... its a lovely nude shade but having gone through my collection I feel like its a dupe for another one of my Mac lipsticks. I have a 'Dupes' post coming up so you can be the judge.

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