7 Jan 2015

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I've always loved reading... It came so naturally to me when I was younger (thanks to my dad for forcing encouraging me)... I try to read a new book every couple of months. I juggled a few over the summer so will have reviews up soon. This book was on my birthday wishlist.

If you want an honest review of #Girlboss, keep reading!

I think this book is perfect for young ladies, I cant give a target age because it could appeal to anyone really. I felt like I couldn't relate because of the language - I admire Sophia Amouruso's achievements and her drive but I just couldn't relate to her. She didn't like school and didn't really know what she wanted to do whereas I loved school and I knew what I wanted to do (even though that changed over the years).

In trying to relate to her audience, she initially ostracised (well, me) those who may have just wanted a little inspiration in regards to being independant, business minded and driven or even how to navigate certain situations. I really could not relate to her at all and was just going to stop reading it altogether but Sophia steps it up a few notches after the 5th chapter when she explains in great detail how her business was able to achieve high turnovers in a short space of time and how she navigated an industry she really had no clue about. Its easy to see how young ladies can find motivation from a book like this.  I really admire Sophia's drive and the underlying message of the book - there isn't one way of achieving success and so many of us are deterred when things don't work out for us the way our parents/teachers said it should. Its just a reminder that if you really do believe in something, have an idea about a business venture - just go ahead and do it. Chances are if it doesn't work out you'll learn why and maybe it could push you into a different direction which would be more lucrative or it could work and you'll make money/become successful doing something you're passionate about.

This is different to the books I find myself gravitating towards, at first it's quite slow and drags but picks up momentum and drums in a positive message - its an encouraging/motivational read.

I'm searching for more books to read - if you have any suggestions let me know :)

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