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22 Jan 2015

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Where the magic happens
Some of you may remember a project I had last summer - I was unhappy with my room, wanted to utilise the space better and generally wanted to revamp it. Well, it started off okay-ish and just kinda stopped. I really had no idea what I needed to do - I had everything in the room already it just needed to be switched around etc.

white, interior, ikea

muji, makeup, beauty
iphone, laptop, desk, makeup
Yes I'm not a member of the MacBook crew - HP hasn't done me wrong!
 These pictures only show my 'beauty area' (vanity table makes me sound vain) - I'm so happy with my room. Oh did I mention my boyfriend completed this mini makeover. I was banned from my flat over the weekend and by the time I came back - it was handled *Olivia Pope voice*. I was so shocked because I really couldn't see this room being revamped at all - I do have to admit I've acquired so much junk the past few years I had no space to put all my bits and bobs.

I have been going through clothes, shoes etc to see what I can chuck out - my boyfriend said I'm a hoarder :( I wouldn't call it hoarding, more like 'able to keep and care for items regardless of time.' Needless to say, I'm so happy with the way the room is now!

I'll upload more pictures of the whole room soon but wanted to show you how my table is laid out - I love it!

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  1. Great minds - I've been thinking of a decor revamp myself! I love that lamp - looking forward to seeing the rest of your room once you're done x