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20 Jan 2015

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I have a lipstick obsession - I can confess and this is why I'm on a MAC spending ban at the moment. I thought it might be worthwhile showing what shades I have collected and what finish I prefer!
 I have 22 MAC lipsticks in total (Riri Talk that Talk not pictured) - I did say I was obsessed. My very 1st purchase was Up the Amp and I don't know why I picked it - I really could have just purchased a nice nude shade but I was young and just overwhelmed by it all. I hardly wore foundation at that time - it was just lipgloss and mascara so this purchase was a big deal. My collection has been growing ever since and if you were to ask me what product I spend most of my money on it will definitely be 'lip associated' - lipsticks, lipliners, lipgloss, lip balm. I just feel like its easy and I'm hardly ever disappointed. Lipsticks can be manipulated, (there are some shades pictured that I would never wear without a lipliner) and I love the fact that I can get a variation of colours depending on what lipliner I might use.

My favourite finish - Matte. Hands down - no brainer. Matte lipsticks don't budge and the colour payoff trumps other finishes in my opinion. I do think my collection is a tad repetitive, having sorted them out I've realised I have a few dupes eg So Chaud and Lady Danger! I need to fish out the dupes in my collection and save you readers some money.
 lipstick, MAC
Left to right: Flat Out Fabulous, Strong Woman, Rebel, Cyber
lipstick, MAC cosmetics
 Heroine, Viva Glam Nicki 2, Up The Amp, Smoked Purple

Mac cosmetics, lipstick
Snob, Giddy, All Fired Up 
lipstick, makeup
Riri Woo, Ruby Woo, So Chaud, Lady Danger

lipstick, mac cosmetics, beauty, makeup
(L-R): Fixed on Drama, Fresh Brew, Velvet Teddy, Myth

(L-R): Honeylove, Styled in Sepia
Lipsticks retail at £15.50 each. 6 empty containers can get you 1 free lipstick. Do not throw your empty containers away!

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