7 Jan 2015

If you look through my lipstick collection - you'll most likely find an overwhelming amount of nude shades. I just love nude lipstick what can I say... Please forgive me I had a real d'oh moment! After taking the pictures I realised I didn't actually show what each lipstick looks like :( 

mac, barry m, maybelline
(left to right: Barry M 150, MAC Myth, Styled in Sepia, Velvet Teddy, Maybelline Coffee Craze)

As always, I have to include an extra bonus lipstick... Revlon Mink which was the perfect nude that I used every single day. Its completely finished now and I was so certain I would re-purchase until the views of Revlon's CEO were publicised. What do you think about the alleged comments he made about ethnic minorities?
I have way too many nude lipsticks in my collection so I can actually make use of what I have without having to repurchase Mink. I'm currently on a MAC spending ban (I nearly failed before Christmas but what I asked for was out of stock lol) so yes I'm still trying really hard not to spend any money on MAC products especially lipsticks because my collection is ridiculous and I'm starting to feel like all my money goes on beauty/hair products and I need to reel it in.
Enough rambling... I did swatch the shades below - hopefully I can get my camera fixed soon and add some images of the lipsticks in their packaging.  

nude lipstick, revlon
Revlon 'Mink' (the brand name has rubbed off lol, I used this every single day)

(L-R: Barry M 150, Coffee Craze, Styled in Sepia, Myth, Velvet Teddy, Mink)

I tried to add a few more pictures of the swatches - it was quite hard to capture the true colours against my skin.

I see a few dupes - Barry M 150 and Revlon Mink perhaps. I've found a few dupes in my collection actually - hopefully I can get that post up soon and help you save a few coins. Nothing more annoying than spending money on a lipstick and you already have a very similar shade (especially when its the same brand *coughs Mac*)

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