27 Jan 2015

I wanted to add something new to the blog. Its always interesting to find out more about a person and their beauty must haves. This is the blog's 'beauty of the month' (no explanation needed really - she's beautiful and she loves all things beauty)!

Continue reading to find out what beauty product she's obsessed with!

What's your name and where are you based?
My name is Remmy Jaiye of Beauty By Remmy and I am currently based in Hertfordshire.

When did you first start wearing makeup?
I remember I first started wearing makeup when I was 16 and in college but it was only eyeliner at first. I thought my mum would not notice as I was not really allowed to wear makeup. Then I bought my first foundation. Dream Matte Mousse which was the only inexpensive brand that catered to women of colour at that time.

What product would you say you purchase the most?
I would have to say lipsticks are the product that I always seem to purchase the most. I always seem to pick up a lipstick when I am shopping and I have a vast collection at the moment. I love lipsticks and have a slight addiction I must say.

What is your favourite brand right now?
At the moment I am head over heels in love with Nars and Sleek. Both brands are unique in their own way. Nars is more high end but their products are amazing quality and really take their time to cater for all women.

While on the other hand, Sleek is inexpensive but does not compromise on quality and has a wide range that every woman can find something that they like. My favourite from sleek is their eyeshadow palettes and foundations for everyday wear.

What product would you say you regret purchasing and why? 
A product that I regret buying is the Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. This was really a case of following the hype when I decided to just go ahead and buy the full bottle rather than getting a tester first. This product broke me out really bad and also felt like my face was burning. 

If you were stranded on an island and only had 3 makeup items with you - what would they be?
Eyebrow pencil - brows frame the face
Tinted moisturiser - light and easy to work with
Vaseline/lip balm - dry lips are a no no
Makeup pet peeve? 
I cannot stand when I see marker pen eyebrows. This makes me so sad because the eyebrows are the first thing you notice and frames the face. So marker eyebrows does not help ANY face.

Who inspires you? Which MUA would you love to shadow?
I am inspired by a variety of artists from Nikki (NikkiTutorials) to Mimi (Mimi Suleiman)! Everyone has their own unique touch and style to their work which is why I don't have just one person that inspires me.
I would love to shadow and work along side Mimi as her work is so flawless and and absolutely stunning. Her clients always have looks that compliment them in every way and with what appears to be minimum effort. 

Where can we find you?

I can be found on:
Instagram: Beautybyremmy 
Twitter: Missremmy

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