10 Feb 2015

love deep conditioning. I really believe it has helped the overall health of my hair. I have had a setback recently and I couldn't figure out what I had done wrong and why my hair responded the way it did. I had 3 inches cut off and I'm not pleased about that at all but my ends were so damaged and thin, one side was longer than the other and it just wasn't the usual thickness I'm accustomed to. One thing I realised is that I stopped deep conditioning around summer- I was lazy and this resulted in half-hearted co-washing and shampooing.. I'm trying to create a regimen that will help restore my thickness and retain length. One thing is for certain - I'm not neglecting deep conditioning again.
 natural hair, deep conditioner, honey, olive oil

I found a video on Youtube by 'MyNaturalSistas' and literally made the deep conditioner that same night. You'll probably have all the ingredients in your cupboard, no need to break the bank on this one. I've included the video in this post so you can watch and see how to make it. It's very similar in colour to the Lush R'n'B moisturiser but performs just like the Hen Sua treatment I raved about before. This treatment definitely saves some coins and still packs a punch. My hair felt really soft and I was able to detangle easily.  

Things you'll need: Coconut oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Conditioner, Honey



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