10 Feb 2015

coconut oil, oil cleansing
If you think I'm obsessed with lipsticks - you haven't seen my obsession with skin. I probably think about skin, more so my skin two-three times a day. *cue H-town* "now I want that whole thing back". My skin was perfect in school - right the way up to about the 1st few months of college and its been a downward sloping hill since then.

I don't want to scare you off by listing the different brands/products I've used but its pretty excessive, lets not even get into the amount of doctors trips and blood tests. I remember seeing a Youtube video by HeyFranHey about oil cleansing and decided to give it a go - the results left much to be desired. It actually made things worse. A few months ago Fran uploaded an updated video advising that some oils can't be used by everybody, so I tried again. I tried to figure out what oil didn't make my skin oilier. I tried sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, Jamaican black castor oil - even if I used a small amount they all left my skin... well, oily!

Its a coconut oil heart - cute!

I have these light bulb moments though (mostly at night) and after reading Nadege's blog 'Relaxed Hair Health' and seeing how many women raved about coconut oil on the skin - I thought I'd try again. Gabrielle Union drinks 1 gallon of water A DAY - yes A DAY and on top of this she uses coconut oil on her skin. Now, I don't know about you but Gabrielle Union has the most flawless skin ever, it radiates through the tv screen, and I'm positive she doesn't need to pile on the makeup plus she's 40+. So I gave it a go...

I applied a small amount at night and the next morning my skin was noticeably less oilier. (my skin is oily 24/7 by the way). I'm not one to give up on a good thing, so the next evening I applied coconut oil to my skin again. Is this beauty's best kept secret or what? I mean all my life people only spoke about cocoa butter which is highly comedogenic by the way. *Comedogenicity is the degree to which an ingredient may clog your pores - meaning a hazard for problematic skin* I've been keeping up with moistursing my face at night with coconut oil and I definitely see improvement. I don't think this coconut oil is a fluke, so I will continue with it.  I'm definitely NOT going to upload a picture, maybe when I'm flaunting glowy Gabrielle Union/Brandy-esque flawlesssssss skin I'll oblige with that request.

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