4 Mar 2015

haul, beauty, makeup, skincare
The boy was in New York (for work) and I couldn't resist giving him a shopping list. Bless his cotton socks - I asked him if he'd feel funny going into MAC and Sephora but he had no issues so a few products were purchased. Remember when the exchange rate was like $2 to £1 - well it's definitely not like that anymore so I requested products that were either unattainable in the UK or had a significant difference in price.
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haul, beauty, skincare

1. MAC Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator
I tried to purchase this a while ago but it was sold out. The lovely sales assistant (I call them lovely when I get a sample lol) gave me a sample and I'm happy I actually tried it out before I purchased it. The grains are small and fine - I've read reviews where people have said its a harsh exfoliant but I disagree. I make sure my face is damp before I apply it and I use a small pea sized amount for my cheeks and forehead. It really helps with the overall texture of my face. I would advise trying it if you like face scrubs but find products like St. Ives too abrasive. It lasts a long time too - I don't think I'll be finishing this product for a while.
2. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel
I haven't tried Clinique products in YEARS! I did try the 3 step system many years ago, hated it and I've steered clear of anything Clinique since. As you readers are well aware now, I am always on Youtube or beauty blogs - I like seeing reviews of products before I invest my hard earned coin, and in regards to this gel I'd heard good things. I've realised that most drugstore creams make my face oilier, make me break out and do nothing to reduce the oiliness. Clinique are definitely on to something with its composition, its a gel that feels like a cream on the face but it doesn't feel greasy and it doesn't just sit on my skin either - it moisturises. It is early days but I think between this gel and the Urbanveda day cream, I may have just found a staple product.
3. Neutrogena On the Spot Acne Treatment
This is basically 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. Its not as harsh as the gel that's prescribed by doctors and it hasn't burnt my face or made my skin extra dry. I bought it off Ebay the first time and didn't think it would make a difference to my skin but I still wanted to give it a go - and guess what it cleared up my skin! When I realised I needed to buy another tube the price had increased to £10 - bare in mind this is sold for $4. It takes a while to start working but once it does - you'll be so happy. I was over the moon when my skin started improving- hopefully I'll see some change again soon!
4. Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Peel
This was a very random purchase. I cant even remember how I found out about it but it really needs to be made available in UK. I am considering getting a chemical peel to sort out the hyper-pigmentation I have on my cheeks so I thought it'd best to try this at-home peel and see how my skin reacts. The good thing with this product is that there isn't actually any peeling. Its made my forehead smooth in under a week (I had those annoying pesky rash like pimples) - I'm looking forward to an improvement in my complexion too. It does say I should see results within a week *fingers crossed*
5. Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask
I didn't want to buy this mask when my other one finished. Its pricey for a mask - retails at £23! *sighs* It worked out slightly cheaper in Sephora but its one of those products that really does its job! I thought I'd finish all the other masks I have first before I repurchased this charcoal mask but there was no comparison. This mask sucks out all the impurities and reduces blemishes after each use - this is the real deal!
6. Thayers Original Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera
I've 'heard' that witch hazel is a better toner to use than the harsh toners available in the drug stores. This toner is alcohol-free, less drying and feels quite moisturising I must say. I think all the 'acne free' products I've been so quick to purchase have contributed to my excessive oiliness. My skin was getting little to no moisture at all - I'm taking a different approach now to see how my skin reacts. If I do use any harsh products I make sure I use this toner and moisturise with coconut oil.
7. MAC Eyebrow Pencil - Spiked
I'm trying to find an alternative - really I am! Its so hard. The closest product I've tried that doesn't give me 'instagram brows' is Rimmel's eyebrow pencil in Dark Brown. By closest - I mean its cost effective and doesn't make my eyebrows look scary but MACs pencil wins every time. I'm really trying to cut down the cost of my everyday make up products because I use them religiously and run out so quickly. If you know of any similar products that are kinder to my purse then please let me know - I will try it if its guaranteed to save me money!!!!
There wasn't much on my list - well there was but I felt bad sending the boy on a hunt for drugstore makeup and hair products so I kept it simple. I am happy with what I did get and hopefully I'll be able to go Stateside myself  and get my hands on those products that can never be found over here. 
Sorry for the hiatus - I feel like there's not enough hours in the day. No excuse though - there will be new posts up every week! :)

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