8 Mar 2015

Its been a while since I reviewed a restaurant - I obviously haven't stopped eating so here's a review of my latest obsession - The Brockley Mess! For this to be on my blog in the midst of all things beauty and hair - you should already know how I feel about this place.

I love an all day breakfast/brunch eatery - very first experience would be iHop. Since there is no iHop in London, I greeted The Breakfast Club and Bills with open arms. The only annoying part about those two diners are their queues. Sometimes I don't mind waiting to be seated but when it goes over 15 minutes - I start to question how hungry I really am.
Brockley Mess is in my neck of the woods - if there is a wait for a table it is never more than 10 minutes (I've only ever waited 5 minutes). It just seems more authentic, cosier, its home grown - I would definitely bring my laptop and work over some French toast and hot chocolate. I've never been a Starbucks person (mainly because I don't drink coffee) but this is an appropriate alternative if you are located in South East area. 

I alternate my choice of food every time I go - there are various options to choose from. They cater to vegetarians too - I've only ever ordered the vegetarian breakfast option. Their eggs benedict are heavenly *sighs* and they add marshmallows in their hot chocolate *so fetch* (watched Mean Girls the other day... don't judge) - I could literally type up an essay on why Brockley Mess is a good idea however I will stop here and say try for yourself - their price points are very reasonable. I'll be shocked if you don't speak as highly of this diner as I do. And no - I haven't been paid to write this review I just truly enjoy eating there.

french toast, breakfast, vegetarian
325 Brockley Road

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