9 Mar 2015

natural hair, 4c, versatile
How should I start? For those of you that know me, you already know I big chopped in 2011. Fast forward to early 2013 - I big chopped again due to terrible heat damage. Now, its 2015 and if I told you I had it all figured out I'd be lying through my teeth. I feel like I'm as clueless as when I big chopped #fixitJesus - in the first year of my hair journey I relied heavily on protective styling which I believe really helped me retain length but (and its a big but) - I didn't know how to look after my hair. I didn't know what my hair liked/disliked, I didn't know how often I should trim, I didn't know that deep conditioning was not an option for me more like an instruction.

Its been 4 years and I'm disappointed to say the least - I haven't been able to achieve a bantu knot out when I need it (I have to call my sister to help smh). Single strand knots frustrate me to no end and contrary to how things were in 2011, I find that there's just information overload now. I have to weed through what is good, what is incorrect and what might possibly work for me. It doesn't matter how much I watch someone on Youtube (who I believe has the same hair type as me) I'm often left thinking that they definitely are NOT a 4c type and then I start my search again.

Every body must have softer, more manageable hair than mine, I can't put my hair in a bun or a puff with a hair band *ha* (even when its wet) its just too thick so all these fancy hairstyles I see on Instagram/Pinterest - well you can just forget all that. One of my friends said she puts her hair in two milk braids under her wigs...(only two) I mean I'm not complaining, I appreciate the way God made me but like seriously there is no way I could part my hair in 2 plaits and throw a wig on. I need to cornrow my hair, in small sections, Who has time to spend doing their hair? I have time, yes, but not time I want to waste.

Natural hair is definitely not easy. I can spend a whole day washing/blow drying my hair and then I come back to the same question - if 4C hair is so beautiful what the heck am I doing wrong?! I'm currently in the middle of a setback and to be honest with you I feel like a mini chop is inevitable. The length of my hair in the bottom right pic is not a true reflection of the length I achieved - I had 3 inches cut off (was grazing bra strap length) and even with that 'trim' my hair still doesn't co-operate. 

Don't mention moisturising and sealing to me - I've been doing it. I'm really trying. I've contemplated relaxing my hair but I know I'm not going to do it. I like when my hair has body, I like when my hair co-operates and my puff shows off the texture. I love leaving my fro out - its such a rollercoaster this natural hair journey. I've decided I'm going to document new products/regimens I'm trying and if anyone has any suggestions - yes you - please leave a comment. I saw a video of a lady with 4C hair and waist length - gosh I only want mid back length! I can see that 4C hair doesn't limit the overall length but its definitely not an easy task.

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