26 Mar 2015

Some of you will remember a previous post in which I hailed Parian Spirit for its ability to clean my makeup brushes quickly - and this is true, it does clean the brushes but after having a real dot to dot situation on my cheek I had to analyse every little thing I had been doing and how to avoid it happening again. I mean its true, pimples can occur for different reasons - hormones, diet, environment, genetics blah blah blah but bacteria can also be a factor. Read on to see the five tips that may prevent you from looking like a pepperoni pizza!

  1. Disinfect your phone. Its been stated that our phones harbour more bacteria than a toilet seat. A TOILET SEAT! Are you kidding me? Every time I touch my phone or put it to my face, I might as well be smearing my face on a toilet. I used to disinfect my phone, (not frequently might I add) by swabbing a cotton pad over it with antibac gel. Its now one of my nightly routines - I have a little spray bottle which has rubbing alcohol and a little water, I spray it on a cotton pad and wipe my phone down every night.
  2. Clean your brushes thoroughly. I now use African black soap to clean my brushes. I was shocked at how much makeup was still in my foundation brush when I used the bar soap. I cant even begin to imagine how much bacteria was festering in those bristles *shudders* - I swirl the brush on the bar of soap and keep rinsing and swirling until the water runs clear. N.B. I do not use this soap for my face. If you like using black soap for your face, I suggest buying 2 bars and keeping them separate (1 for your face, the other for your brushes) - once my brushes are washed, I let them semi-dry and then I spray them with the little spray bottle of rubbing alcohol. I don't completely drench the brushes, I just coat them enough for the alcohol to kill those germy suckers.
  3. Change your pillowcases. I'm still yet to find out what caused the outbreak on my cheek - it might not even be related to any of these points but process of elimination has prevented history repeating itself. I used to just change my pillowcases every week when I change my sheets but I remember one day I added an oil mixture to my hair and when I woke up my pillow looked like the scene out of Coming to America - you know the scene! Anyway, it was then I decided I'd change my pillow cases a bit more often so every 3 days or so I change them. Some people (I always refer to some people, these people are usually on Youtube or references on Google) advise changing them every day but truth be told 'aint nobody got time for that'
  4. Stop touching your face!!!!! Its a bad habit and I've been doing it for years but back then it was because my face was so darn oily. I remember even in school, touching my face and being able to moisturise my hands lol. I'm making more of a conscious effort not to touch my face, I permanently have blotting paper in my bag to resolve the oil slick dilemma.
  5. As much as antibacterial gel is a lifesaver - wash your hands when you can. I used to loveeee antibac - (such a germaphobe) infact I still do but I always used to wonder why when I washed my hands, the water would be grey or brown and not clear. Antibac aims to kill germs on the surface of your hands but it does not get rid of dirt. I get a satisfied feeling when I wash my hands - my only dilemma is how to open the toilet door when I'm done.

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