16 Mar 2015

Wearing 'Truffle Raine' on my lips
I love matte lipstick, specifically, matte lipstick that doesn't budge! I'm not one to carry a make up bag around but I will carry around some lip products. I've been known to have 5 lip products in my bag at one time and that's just because I usually have to re-apply every hour or after I've eaten. That was the case until I started wearing lip stains - they last longer than your average lipstick/lipgloss.
Check out which ones are guaranteed to be in my bag on any given day.

L-R: Raine Fever, Truffle Raine, Birthday Suit, Petal, 01 Always Red
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Sleek Matte Me - Birthday Suit and Petal
   Sleek Matte Me 'Birthday Suit' is apparently a dupe for Limecrime 'Cashmere'. I'm not sure how true this is since I do not own Cashmere but I love Birthday Suit - its a beautiful nude suitable for everyday use. I've only started wearing 'Petal' more recently - it was too pink for me (Barbie pink) on its own and I randomly paired it with MACs lip pencil in Nightmoth, I'm in love with that combination. N.B. It will come off when you eat - it lasts for a few hours but you will have to re-apply at least once.

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Coloured Raine -Truffle Raine and Raine Fever
    OH EM GEE! I really only wanted to buy Raine Fever, its a beautiful deep purple, which sometimes looks like a deep blue depending on lighting. Its perfect. Coloured Raine is based in US so shipping was $10 and I thought it was a waste to just buy 1 lip paint. I added Truffle Raine to my shopping cart but had already decided to sell it when it arrived. I didn't think it would suit me because its basically my skin tone - but it looks absolutely gorgeous on. I've avoided brown lipsticks because I thought it would mute out my lips and make me look weird. Truffle Raine is different, a 'good' different. The staying power is unreal - the same goes for Raine Fever. They DO NOT budge - I've had to use coconut oil to get these off because if you use plain wipes the colour does stain.

lip paint, lip stain
Sephora - 01 Always Red
I heard this shade was discontinued - that might have been a rumour because I went on their website and it is still available. Kelly Rowland shared how much she loved it on Instagram a while back and I hunted it down. I wanted a classic red at the time and if it was going to look as good on me as it did on Kelly - I had to have it. I think I asked my boyfriends sister to get it for me as she was in New York (this was before Sephora delivered to UK) - I use it whenever I'm really being lazy with my hair/makeup. This lip stain makes it look like you made an effort without much effort lol! Its not the best stain in terms of staying power but I love its intensity.

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  1. Ooh I'm going to try Sleek's Birthday Suit. I'm not really a lipstick/stain girl but that colour looks nice!