20 Jun 2015

I've been meaning to post my thoughts on this straightening system. Its getting hotter and I tend to stay away from straight hair styles just because it reverts so quickly. I had high hopes for this system because of a few reviews I'd seen but you never really know how good a product is until you try it yourself right.

I don't think much convincing will be required once you've seen the images below. This system works and with no heat damage! Yay!
ORS, hair care, black hair care,

3 steps, treatment, hair care, black hair care

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straight hair, hair care, natural hair
ORS, treatment, hair care, black hair care,
I followed the instructions carefully, only leaving the foam activator on my hair for 15 minutes (time varies according to hair texture) - I actually think I could have left it on for longer because a few days after I went to get a much needed cut and my hair reverted instantly.

 I think the straightness is supposed to last 4-6 washes (please don't quote me) either way I didn't have heat damage, it softened my hair but didn't alter my curl/kink pattern which I am extremely happy about. It cut my blow drying time in half, it always takes me a few hours to blow dry my hair but I've been able to do it in 30-40 mins. I paid £8.99 which costs more than the other straightening systems I've seen but I honestly think its worth it. I would definitely recommend.

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