23 Mar 2016

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Edge control face off
Ever since I went natural a few years ago, I've always battled with trying to control my edges. It was so much easier to achieve a slick updo or bun when I was relaxed and I don't think I thought twice about laying my edges. Fast forward to wearing puffs/braid outs/twist outs and my edges just wouldn't co-operate. I think I've tried every edge control gel ever released lol *slight exaggeration* but I have tried many!

Through all this trial and horror, the best edge control in my opinion is...
cliffvmir, design essentials, palmers, mizani
None of them! I've tried all the products pictured above including ORS Olive Oil Edge Control, Dr Miracles Holding Gel and Crème of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges. I achieved the best hold with the product Mess Head but it leaves a white cast after a while (purchased by my brother - its actually a wax product for men) so I would only use under wigs. I believe if you have 4b-c type curl pattern you most probably have the same issue as I do and to be brutally honest - these edge controls will not help you achieve smooth sleek laiiiddd edges! They just wont!
The last product I bought by Design Essentials - Honey & Shea Edge Tamer was given stellar reviews on Youtube by a naturalista so I really believed this would be the product for me. Unlike other edge controls - it doesn't grease up/turn oily straight away but it doesn't provide a super strong hold and it leaves a white/grey film on my edges after a while. There was a day I manipulated the edge control and applied water to my already coated edges - this provided great results but again its just another product I can't use straight out the tub.
 I did discover a way to lay my edges and to be honest I cant remember how I came up with this but it works and now that I think of it - maybe this basic technique is the reason why my Design Essentials edge control was more effective after I added water to my edges.
So.... I lay my edges with two products - Ecostyler Olive Oil styling gel and Palmers Replenishing Hair Milk. You don't necessarily have to use these two particular products but the combination of  solid gel/wax with a liquid product achieves the desired effect.

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1. Lightly coat your edges with Palmers hair milk.
2. Add Ecostyler gel to your edges (the way you would with an edge control)
3. Tie a scarf around your edges and leave on for 10 mins (I usually do this just before I start my makeup and take the scarf off when I'm finished).
4. Voila! Edges laid to the gawdssss...

What products have you used? Do they work for you? I just purchased another product to see if it will work for me but that is my last 'edge control' purchase for life! I'll post a review once I've used it a few times :)

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  1. The struggle of 4c hair. The eco styler is the only one that works for me too. Although i have to leave my headscarf on overnight to get it to last 2 days.