11 Mar 2016

It doesn't matter how many times I tell myself to stop buying lip products - I still end up buying them *insert upside down smiley here* looool!!!  I couldn't pass on this range though! Colourpop unfortunately do not ship to UK so when my bestie's mum went to the States, my bestie took full advantage and asked me what shades I wanted to buy. Check out what shades I chose!


L-R: Wet, BFF, Tootsi, Ellarie, Grunge
Looking at the swatches I would probably assume that Grunge would be my fave, but Tootsi has taken the crown for me. It looks like a mauve pink on my skin, an effortless nude, you don't need a lipliner even though I still use one. Beautiful shade that I wear everyday... to everything (work, church, parties... Sainsburys lol).

The consistency of these lippie stix are a bit hmmm... very nice colour pay off, soft on the lips but the matte shades aren't really matte. The texture is so soft that I don't feel like they last, you definitely need to re-apply after eating something. Its not a complete write off though - I would still repurchase these lippie stix.

L-R: Lax, Kapow, Beeper
Now on to the ultra matte lip - these liquid lipsticks definitely have staying power. I wish I was a bit more adventurous with the shades - I played it safe so I wouldn't feel like I wasted money if I didn't like them.

  • LAX is a deep burgundy shade that I disliked at first. Have you ever tried on a lipstick and it looks horrid, then your hairstyle changes and you decide to give it a go and it works? 2nd time lucky for Lax!
  • Kapow looks like it should work on me, I really believed it would look nice but I'm not a fan at all. I think lighter complexions will love this shade... its a grey nude that just looks bleurgh... it looks like I've put on lipstick and eaten it off basically. I am going to give it another chance and see if I can work with it.
  • I enjoy Beeper - its a rose pink nude shade (a tad brighter than Tootsi) that I love and always pick up (I literally have 10+ lipsticks similar to this but hey not every lipstick is the same right). I add a lipliner with this but its not half as messy as some other liquid lipsticks I've tried - you can definitely put it on and dash out the door.

Even though the staying power is great - it can feel patchy after a while... weird way to describe it but even though the colour doesn't bleed and is still very much on my lips... the texture of the lipstick changes and I'll just get a tissue and wipe it off myself because it feels weird and bits of the lipstick roll up into tiny balls. That's my only gripe with these lipsticks... which isn't much of a negative because I still reach for them when I'm getting ready so they are definitely not bad products.

The lippie stix are $5 and the ultra matte lip are $6. I honestly get annoyed with the way retailers convert international prices - even some private sellers (that I know order in bulk kmt) will charge double/sometimes triple for a product. I've seen some of these Coloupop lip products being sold for £15 and above (excl. delivery). Why?!

Hopefully Colourpop will be able to ship to UK and other locations soon but until then I've found this online retailer Diva Approved London - the prices are honestly not too bad depending on which product you want to purchase. You can also search on Depop but please make sure you check the seller's reviews and always pay via Paypal so you're protected - there are a few scam profiles!

Until next time :)

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